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Anonymous asked: u post some pretty deep stuff on here

its the least of my concern.. but if it can reflect on someone in a positive way then thats great & words aren’t wasted.

Anonymous asked: Whats the last thing you guys talked about before she left ?

most of its a blurr I can’t remember but i have a letter she wrote me a week before she passed. 

| I will miss somethings in your life. I will have missed sharing your joy, tears, worries and accomplishments. Missed hugging, talking, dreaming, laughing just being together. I hope you know I am a part of you and will live on through your life. Live a full life, follow your dreams. You have always followed your own ideas and been true to yourself. For that I have been Proud. Try to live a life that you will not have many regrets. Think things through, Remember the feelings of others, respect all life and humanity. We are all just struggling along. Each person, animal, plant…. Again you have a great deal of compassion to begin with so it should come very natural to you. I pray you will turn to God. Pray for direction, pray to be in gods will. God has provided for me more then I could have ever imagined. I was thinking to small for myself without God. Let God be your councilor. When it comes time for a wife. Do not choose a person just on physical attraction. Beauty fades quickly if your mind, heart and soul are not compatible. I pray you find a true lady for your wife. Someone that will be loyal, dedicated, intelligent, gentle, compassionate & spiritually connected to life. Joe & I have had a great wonderful marriage. I wish the same for you. To raise your children together in a home of peace and love. In the fruit of the spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Long-surffeing, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. When it comes to business, always keep the employees and customers first. Then they will in turn take care of you. You must be diligent to take care of there needs. Always have systems in place to ensure your business is well managed meaning profitable.

I love you so much. i see myself in you. Your energy and courage. I pray we will see each again heaven. stay very aware of how you spend your moments. Please remember always you are my dearest love and I will be waiting for you. Until then be a blessing to this world, LOVE MAMA |

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Anonymous asked: How did your mom pass


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Anonymous asked: your obviously talented, intelligent and i think if you dont already do, you will have the power to do great things with money/influence (ie the person who gets wet when they see ur pics/the attention you get) just please: Acknowledge how privileged/blessed you are and your opportunities are available to the top 3 percent. Dont blow people off, give off love even when ur tired/fed up, ppl take things personally even when they shouldnt. Remember how much good in the world your capable of <3

This is actually really good advice thank you anonymous soul ..

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