Homes the best by jayalvarrez

Endless coastline by jayalvarrez

Anonymous asked: What do u think about madison beer?

Coronas are my fav never heard of that one

Wind flow by jayalvarrez

Seee ya soon california <3



Anonymous asked: Saw you playing sunset soccer today it was cute :)

I saw you to 😉 and yess sunset soccer every dayy!

Anonymous asked: What keeps you so positive in your daily life?

Ocean & knowing all the amazing things to come in this future.. my mind is always in the present or the future never the past.

coco trees with landon & jayalvarrez at our old elementary school haha..

cliff side kick back by jayalvarrez

I always end up getting sketchy when I go for a hike hahaha… jayalvarrez

My mind as a visual 😍 by jayalvarrez

Anonymous asked: whats your opinion on alcohol and drugs (specifically marijuanna)

Marijuana ain’t a drug thats for sure

Release by jayalvarrez

Wake up to tropical sunshine outside my bedroom 💙 jayalvarrez