Anonymous asked: Would you ever want to write letters back and forth with someone from around the world?

Pen pals with benefits yo

Anonymous asked: Are you interested in men and women?

I can say I would never hook up or doing anything with a guy but I definitely am attracted to both genders but only girls sexually if that makes sense.

Anonymous asked: I'm a dude and yet i think you're hot, you'll pull soooo many gals man:) i'm from greece btw and your pics of here make me feel proud to be greek, congrats on your work!!

Thanks man! Yes greek blood is the besttt ;)  thank you brother.

Anonymous asked: Why did your last relationships not work out?

Because of me .. Any girls that haven’t worked out are because I loose interest or I do something dumb.. All the past girls have been amazing & sweet!

Set your stress free … Step into liquid by jayalvarrez

Anonymous asked: My ex keeps hitting me up but not for sex but just to hang & come to parties. Why if he broke up with me?

Because he wants to fuck hahaha

Anonymous asked: Do you think you'd ever get married? Or even have a long term monogamous relationship? You seem like a wanderer so I'm wondering if that's something you'd see for yourself

I wish So badly I could find my girl because id rather have a girlfriend then worrying about more then one girl or that kinda thing. Just haven’t found one i blend perfectly with yet. Oneee day.. Wouldn’t say its a huge worry at all though at this point.

Island boys in venice beach by jayalvarrez

Venice beach today :)

Anonymous asked: What is your opinion on everyone being so judgemental these days? Being a girl I find your either wearing too much clothing or not enough and labelled a slut, or too much makeup or not enough. Can't seem to win

You’ll only win once you can accept yourself & not let others tell you how to be or what to do. You’ll never win against the crowd.. Dont waste your energy.

Anonymous asked: your pics are awesome but honestly you take yourself way too seriously

thanks glad that bugs you because it takes no effort on my end other then just laughs and living haha

Anonymous asked: jay im going to ask you one last time! what is your tanning oil? if u dont answer im using panama jack...

i’d never put those chemicals on my skin. I use my genetics called being Spanish hahahaha

Anonymous asked: aren't you scared of ever dying?

Honestly Not at all. I feel like I’ve done everything I have wanted to in life and now anything else is a bonus. death interest me.. At times I’d say I’m ready for the next chapter of my soul and life & want to die sometimes as weird as that sounds. I crave to be fearless and numb to things thats scare me I’m addicted to adrenaline and things that make me feel alive.

Anonymous asked: Do you like the idea of became "famous"? With paparazzis all day around and everything?

I think its pretty lame I mean its awesome if people admire you for something you do but I want to be known for making beautiful things & doing crazy shit that make people go woah.

Anonymous asked: I'm going through a terrible break up and my heart has literally been broken. Has this ever happen to you, if so, how did you get through it?

Its life. I just got outta a thing I had with a girl for a few months because I was fed up with some things she did and it started stressing me out and it was easy to let go knowing I can start fresh and not have to worry about things she did to me or lied to me about. Just give yourself the comfort thats theres far better then anything you left behind. Measure yourself and know what your worth because you’ll realize things that you were blind to before. Im comfortable knowing I never have to speak or see this girl again.