5:00am Morning surfs turn into midday sun burns.. jayalvarrez

Anonymous asked: I have so many amazing ideas and thoughts i just dont know how to make it reality or make it happend ..

sounds like your mind runs faster then your actions

Venice w/ jayalvarrez

Anonymous asked: How do you have so much confidence? Any tips? Love it

learn to not care and you’ll find mental power over a lot of things in life.

clairelawlor asked: I meet you today at waimea and i wanted to say thank you for being so humble and nice. i really cant say i ever imagined you to be so nice and willing to just sit down and have a conversation but it was a really nice experience meeting you and i respect you 100 times more that i know you're not only a great person behind a computer but also in real life. much love and appreciation for you and your work.

So nice to meet you to hope you enjoy your experiences & time here x

Anonymous asked: I tell you my high school days suck and you can't even answer and help me out with it.

stay in vegetables eat your school :)

Anonymous asked: Any girls you have your eye on??

girls are literally the least of my worries 

Anonymous asked: Are you a democrat or a republican?

honestly could careless neither directly affect me haha

Anonymous asked: coming to cali?

I just got back From LA last night… I dont wunnnaa leave my island again for awhile!

Blood shot mornings in Nicaragua by jayalvarrez

Anonymous asked: When did you loose your virginity n whats your idea about everything going on in the middle east ??

Im more curious what went through you head while asking both these questions in the same sentence hahahah

Never gets old by jayalvarrez

Anonymous asked: What do you think about Norway?

You’ll find me there in a few years jumping off your cliffs .. :)

Hahah cute little puppy in Nicaragua jayalvarrez

Never gets old :) jayalvarrez